Hess & Elle

Hess & Elle, your independent assistant

What is an independent assistant ?

” This is an independent contractor, also called freelance, which offers from a distance its expertise to companies, individuals and associations.
A virtual Assistant, also called independent Assistant, allows to outsource tasks that take considerable time and prevent to concentrate on its core business. “

Hess & Elle, your personal Assistant, is involved in many strategic fields and offers to improve productivity by freeing you time.
So you can keep your targets, allowing you to achieve well deserved success.

Hess & Elle has in charge the same functions as an executive Assistant. Right hand manager, she seconds, advises, analyses, coordinates, defines strategies and implements them. She provides all the tasks entrusted to her.

Discover our solutions


  • Personally adapted assistance,
  • Unique and experienced interlocutor,
  • Personalized study of your project.


  • No commitment,
  • Fast and economical solution,
  • Flexibility and simplicity,
  • Control of your budget,
  • Time saving.


  • Source of proposals,
  • Trilingual,
  • Adaptability to all institutions,
  • Tips sheets available for free .

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